Core Components

The Little Way Virtue program is made up of a few core components: main ideas, essential materials and important methods.


  1. Virtue is a good habit or repetition of good acts. To be virtuous, I need to put virtue into action each day.
  2. Christian virtue is about following the footsteps of Jesus and how he lived virtue.
  3. Saints are people who lived virtue heroically and loved God. They are holy heroes and can show us how to live virtue.


  1. Each month, The Little Way Virtue Program focuses on one virtue that is reinforced by getting to know one saint of the month and a scripture passage.
  2. The program is made up of twenty short 10 minute daily activities for each month.
  3. The activities use different teaching dynamics to reinforce virtue such as games, memorization, coloring, crafts, role playing, group and personal reflection.


  1. The Little Way Leader Guide and Curriculum helps the teacher or educator lead the class on this journey of virtue each day.
  2. The Little Way Student Guide is a full color workbook with the daily activities for the students.
  3. The progress poster, stamp and buttons for the teacher helps to motivate the students.