Saint Saturdays: St Augustine

On the first Saturday of every month, we will post the story of the saint of the month. For January, the saint is Saint Augustine of Hippo.

Remember St Monica? The saint for November? Her son was Augustine and he is the saint for this month. Saint Augustine was born in 354 in a town in North Africa. He picked up some bad habits when he was young. He eventually became known as a very smart man but he taught things against God and lived a sinful life. He drank, gambled and did not chose the best of friends. He had no self control in his life and just went about doing whatever he felt like and not caring about the consequences. His mother Monica prayed for him everyday and begged God to give him a change of heart. Augustine became a teacher and moved to Milan, where St. Ambrose was bishop. Augustine was impressed by Ambrose’s speeches and teaching. He soon became convinced that Ambrose spoke the truth. Augustine began reading the bible and it changed his life. Augustine decided to turn away from his bad habits and friends. He was baptized a Christian. Augustine became a priest and a great bishop in Africa, known for his humility and his writings about the true Catholic faith.