St Therese of Lisieux

Virtue is a series of small acts done with great love. St Therese’s spiritual teaching is a simple and effective way to help children learn to live real Christian virtue and love for God.

The three main aspects of the spirituality of St Therese that have inspired the Little Way Virtue Program are:

THE LITTLE CHILD JESUS: Her name is sometimes referred to as St Therese of the Little Child Jesus. Therese saw herself as a child of God. She liked to keep things simple and focused as a child does. This simple spirituality inspires the program keeping it at a level kids can understand.

THE LITTLE WAY: Therese’s mission was to teach souls the “Little Way” to Heaven. Her “little way” teaches us to do the ordinary things of life with extraordinary love.

THE LITTLE FLOWER: Another name often associated with St Therese is St Therese of the Little Flower. Roses have been described and experienced as Saint Therese’s signature. They are associated with blessings or graces from God.